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Wednesday, February 1st, 2023 06:14 pm
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woot dooo
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10:00 <Afuna> There is a kid crying here and am almost grateful because he's keeping me from falling asleep at this table haha
10:01 <zorkian> Whoops.
10:01 <zorkian> Sleepy fu
10:02 <Afuna> So sleepy haha
10:02 <Afuna> I almost fell asleep earlier looking at the captcha stuff
10:02 <zorkian> Cute :)
10:02 <Afuna> Hahahaha
10:02 <Afuna> Less cute if I'd face planted while sshing into prod
10:02 <Afuna> "Wtf is this command history"
10:03 <zorkian> "Aww, she sleepily wiped the databases"

Broke out the pen

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 11:39 pm
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Was shaking when I started. Not so much now.

breathe in / breathe out calligraphy  )

Power back!

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 07:34 pm
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Power came back :) I feel a bit silly posting the previous entry now -- figured once darkness hit the power company would be forced to stop working because of how dangerous it isn't, so I went and posted expecting to be gone another night.

But they've exceeded my expectations! I feel super grateful to them now. Power come to meeeeee


Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 05:46 pm
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Big storm went through my area knocked out power in basically the whole metro. Coming back slowly area by area but I'm not sure when mine will have power again.

(Maybe tomorrow! Power company's been doing a reasonable job especially considering a lot of electric poles were downed by the wind)

Minimal flooding as far as I can tell, though cell signal has also suffered pretty bad in my area from the storm so I haven't been able to go online much to get news. I wander over to my dad's radio every once in a while to get some idea of what's going on but you know.

I've had a couple people email me asking if I'm well and I just want to reassure you all I'm safe <3

(And now going to hope this email post gets through somehow through the magic of background connections!)

of belated news

Thursday, May 15th, 2014 11:06 am
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ummmmmmmm so I'm in SF from May 2 - June 4 :D? I kept meaning to post about it and suddenly oops it's ten days I've been here and apparently I never did say anything

I have no willpower

Friday, April 4th, 2014 08:55 pm
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and also I'm suddenly interested in BPAL.

These two things have nothing to do with one another (by which I mean at this moment in time they have everything)

lock, unlock

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 09:42 pm
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The lock to our front door has been pretty stubborn and difficult to open, to the point where I worry that I'll break the key (or my fingers!) trying to unlock it.

So tonight, with no one else in the house, I had the brilliant idea to use WD40 to un-stubborn the lock. I figured it would be easy: point the straw into the lock, press the button, done.

Instead I just got it all over my hands, because apparently I don't understand how the spray nozzle works /o\

(It might be broken. Or it might be that I'm misunderstanding something about this whole process. But seriously it's probably broken... maybe)

And then I realized I could smear some of the WD40 on my fingers onto the key and get it to work anyway \o/

I didn't need that straw anyway :3
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(gsoc is coming up, which means that any project big enough that I can study it to learn a new programming language is probably also big enough that it'll be swamped by gsoc applications / mentoring all the other new people. So I actually chose a pretty horrible time and maybe I should go do something else now and come back to this another time)
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Also of the good:

* I submitted a patch to django a couple days ago. There's been absolutely activity on it since... and then this morning when I woke up, I saw a notification telling me it had been committed during the night \o/

(this is doubly fantastic, because I've been wanting to work on another one, but hadn't felt comfortable spamming with patches; just in case it comes off impatient, or ends up making too much work for someone else)

(yes this is even though I'd happily accept a ton of patches from the same person at the same time for DW -- the thing is, I don't know if other projects work the same way)

* people treating me extra nice and special and exactly the way I want, and making me happy <3

* birthday noodles in the morning for long life. Cake after dinner for happy life~

* oh yeah the django thing netted me 0.00000217 Ƀ as a commit tip. I find that hilarious for some reason

(but I decided eh I'll play along and try to claim this. First step, download a bitcoin client. okay! second step, download the current blockchain, which is 14+ gigs. Uh. Sure?)

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Sunday, February 23rd, 2014 09:06 pm
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[personal profile] skud's latest entry reminded me that I haven't been updating about life stuff because my life hasn't seemed exciting or interesting, but I do like rambling on about stuff I'm doing here. It's a comfort :)


  • I'm trying to learn python, just because. I itch for more... people? activity? interaction? maybe all of the above

  • went to pycon ph. The python community is even friendlier than I'd expected :3 I kinda want to leap in and contribute somehow... somehow

  • still doing makeup

  • stripped off my makeup and put on jeans for the conference because ehhhhhhh I wish both modes of myself were compatible, but even if they might be ehhhhhhhhhhh wasn't doing that this weekend (i have a mental image of myself as bruce banner and hulk. Except that instead of green skin I get sparkly pink stuff all over me)

  • I was chatting about pycon with a friend and he remarked that the tech scene in the PH seems young and vibrant. Thoughts about that bouncing through my mind, not sure I'll ever gather them enough to be useful but... yeah thoughts

  • back to hooping again :) I'm trying to do it at least once a week -- hopefully more, but realistically I can't do it much more often than that especially since uhhh

  • I signed up for capoeira classes. umm. stuff. grace. balance. stuff

  • I have recently realized that my mental image of myself as being physically awkward, unable to move my body properly, not very put together/groomed might be a bit out of date. I'll never be naturally graceful, and I'll always be clumsier than most people, but... it has slowly dawned on me that when I dance people don't see me as "the awkward person dancing", I'm just a person who dances who may have awkward moments but not extraordinarily different in degree from anyone else

    (note: the above was not me going from low self-esteem to high self-esteem or whatever. I really was super awkward; it's just that years of dancing even while awkward has actually changed the way I moved, without my realizing it)

  • "X got cancer even though he's vegetarian; probably he wasn't eating organic" -- I'm tired of food issues :( I refuse to engage anymore

  • Still not cooking

  • OH OH I danced with a fire hoop two weeks ago :) I still haven't watched that video though; afraid of what I'll see

    (I managed to snort fire up my nose oh god I hope nobody noticed)

  • I also need to watch the video of the talk I gave at LCA... but still afraid of what I'll see. haha. ha.

  • completely exhausted from pycon, even though I didn't really do anything. but still exhausted so off I go

  • ETA: tomorrow is definitely a day to put on neon lipstick, cheery nails, and just stay at home and code

    (I thought I could resist until tomorrow but have slathered on purple balm before bed :-))


Friday, January 31st, 2014 01:25 pm
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It is nice to have friends you can be completely and utterly ridiculous with :)
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Asfgdhhhhgh. My cough has progressed to the point that I'm about to lose my voice. So I'm amusing myself by saying, "help help" (in the very tiny voice I have left)

I... Am imagining that it's my voice calling for help not me okay? Somehow that seemed less weird in my head.
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I am sick of being sniffly and sick so I have gone full fuckit mode and have painted my eyes the brightest colors I have.

Close up of my eye -- decided to skip my whole face because my hair is kinda fever-gross right now.

Blue + yellow = green. Bright and cherry colors yay.

sometimes all you need is to be a parrot )

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Monday, January 20th, 2014 05:05 pm
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Grumpy because I have a mild fever and it's at the point where I'm just sick enough that my joints ache and all touch hurts.

(Putting on clothing hurts because my skin reacts to the sensation of cloth sliding against it. Leaving clothes off also hurts because the air is chilly)

Also I have a weirdly strong cough which ehhhhhh shop go away please.

Have dimmed my room as much as possible and am avoiding light sources (like screens)

doubly false eyelashes

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 11:55 pm
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A friend of mine shared a tip she uses as a cosplayer: instead of applying the false eyelashes right on your lashline, make a thick thick thick line of eyeliner, and put the false eyelashes on top of that line.

I find false eyelashes too finicky for everyday wear, but applying it this way is easier than usual because you don't have to worry about putting it right against your eye, you're just placing it on a random spot on your eyelids. There's less fussiness about getting everything placed just right.

It's easily the most ridiculous thing I've ever done to my eyes -- but I love it. It's great! My eyes looked huge~

There are two distinct layers of eyelashes (the false ones, and my real ones), but since I have black natural eyelashes and used black eyeliner/black false eyelashes, it's not obvious unless you have your face right up against mine.

Pros: Less worrying about trying to manipulate something fine near your eyes, end of the false eyelashes can't poke against the the edge of your eyelids (especially as the day wears on), skin further away from the eye is less delicate than skin near the eye, no problems removing the false eyelashes (less risk of makeup remover in eyes), potentially better hygiene since you're not going right up against your eye.

Cons: I don't know if it will work if your eyelashes aren't black / the same shade as your eyeliner or false eyelashes. Ridiculously makes me want to try false eyelashes more??

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I just found out about Beautypedia.

It has a sortable index of product reviews which you can filter for type or brand and then sort by rating/price/etc. Reviews are short, but they don't just parrot the product descriptions. Instead they tend to bring factors that might affect your individual decision. (might work for oily skin / might not work for sensitive skin etc). Also they often make it a point to note when foundation/concealer has a wide range of shades or not, or whether a line of blush will work with darker skin or just fairer -- just... things that most other places don't mention (to be fair most other places are individual bloggers so of course they'll just talk about what works for them).

Filtering by type is great for finding the best in a particular category. Which is nice but a lot of places do the same, albeit more informally. What really makes it for me is the ability to filter by brand + sort by rating. I've long been looking for a way to get an overview of each brand, get some idea of what each brand is known for. Because NARS has awesome blushes and concealers, but gel eyeliner you probably want to get at Bobbi Brown, and eyeshadow take a first stop at MAC -- or maybe try NYX (but skip NYX foundation) etc etc.

One thing: they do tend to mark down for fragrance, which may be good if your skin is sensitive to fragrance, but not as helpful if you don't care about fragrance as long as the product works or the pigmentation is fantastic.

Their review of Avene Cleansing Foam is a good example of the kind of review they give ;) Fairly positive review overall for people with $skintype, because it does work but then also calls them on their bullshit when it's needed (beauty products are full of bullshit~)

Con for me is that since it's a US-based site, there are no reviews of local brands. Also even some of the relatively cheaper brands on that list sell at a premium here ("imported kasi" bleh!). But it really does have a broad selection of brands, both at the higher and lower ends of the market, and they don't seem to be biased towards higher-end brands (which is... a difficult bias to fight so yes!)

*side-eyes pocket*

Saturday, December 14th, 2013 01:17 am
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Hmmm pocket just said I'm in the top 1% of readers this year (approx 5M words)

I hadn't realized I was using it that much -- but on further thought almost every link I follow goes into pocket first. It helps keep things accessible when my internet connection is wonky (as it so often is!)
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Errrrr so I've fallen into the abyss which is makeup stuff online. Anyone have any recs for sites to watch / blogs to follow?

A great example of what I'm hoping to find more of is Brightest Bulb in the Box: funny, geeky (her beauty bullshit posts often contain images of the chemical structure of the molecules :D also statistics :DD), some meta, and some product reviews. I'd love to find something more like that out there, I just don't know where to start.

What I'm craving: anything that talks about makeup as... something to geek out over, without necessarily going for the buy/not-buy (individual products) angle. Less videos more photos/text; videos take too much time and my attention wanders (which unfortunately means I tend to skip most look tutorials).

I also appreciate pointers to blogs that focus on product reviews, but I tend to be very careful and picky. I adore posts which include like whether something might work okay in hot weather or with oily skin or the like -- context so I know if the results might apply to me or not! Brightest Bulb in the Box does a fantastic job of that :D (I ummm really wish I could find a blog exactly like that, written by someone with my skin coloring though, then when there are swatches I can just go :DDDD)

I've been trying to look, but googling makeup just brings you to people who are trying to sell you stuff. So here I am hoping/asking for recs :D

ETA: AHEM also also in sort of related... thing. Eye makeup that tells a story. There's a whole bunch of things there: some are inspired by fairy tales (I adore the Cinderella one -- wee shoe right at the edge of the eye!). Some are cute (black cat with a ball of yarn \o/). Some are just... weird (Heisenberg from Breaking Bad :x). They're all pretty cool though.

Note: makeup on the eyelids features a lot of open eyes, in case eye contact is an issue for you -- I'm not sure if the fact that the eye is surrounded by a picture is enough to make a difference to context.

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